Name Power Type
Red Skywalker Lightsaber Bird
Chuck ''Ham'' Solo Blaster Bird
Terebacca Size and Strength Bird
Princess Stella

Tractor Beam

C-3PO Explosion Protocal Bird
R2-D2 Electrocution Astromech Egg
Bomb Wan Kenobi The Force Bird
Rebel Pilot Split Bird
Yoda Force Bird
Lard vader Lightsaber Pig
Pigtrooper Blaster Pig
Tusken Pigger None Pig
Emperor Piglatine Electrocution Pig
Pig Officers Blaster Pig
Imperial Piggies Blaster Pig Piggie Guards Fork Pig
Grand Moff Tarkin Blaster Pig                
Dr Evazan None Pig
Jabba the Hog None Pig
Piga Baba None Pig
Greedo Blaster Pig
Jawa None Bird
Rancor None Pig
Lard Maul Lightsaber Pig
Mace Warbler Lightsaber Bird
Ki-Adi Birdie Lightsaber Bird
Lando canarian blaster bird
Wedge Antilles blaster bird

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